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Block Style

You Make the Memories. We Turn them into a Keepsake T-Shirt Quilt!

We take treasured memories of life and design them into a T-Shirt quilt!  There are different styles and options for your T-Shirt quilt.  With so much information to gather, we know all the choices can feel overwhelming.  Be assured, we will help you at every step along the way to a beautiful creative quilt.  Please Contact Us with any questions.

T-Shirt Quilt vs. Blanket

Generally T-Shirt quilts are 3 layers with quilting.   T-shirt blankets are 2 layers without quilting.  A quilt is going to hold up much longer than a blanket, and takes much more time/materials to make.

  • T-shirts/backed with interfacing
  • 80/20 Batting
  • Long-arm Quilted
  • Binding around edges
  • 100% cotton backing
  • T-shirts/backed with interfacing
  • Fleece Backing

We offer two styles of T-Shirt Quilts

Block Style

Staggered Style

block style
Staggered style t shirt quilt

Block Style

The Block Style is your classic type of T-Shirt quilt.  The blocks are all the same size. 15″x 15″ They are all evenly spaced and all line up. They have 2 inch sashing strips between the blocks and we finish them with an outer border, This style is  a great choice if you don’t have a lot of shirts or you just like the classic look of an even symmetrical designed quilt.

Staggered Style

Staggered style  is a more unique look from the traditional Block style and doesn’t require all blocks be 15×15″.  Staggered works very well when  you have mixed media on your T-shirts. Large graphics on some, small on others.  It gives more flexibility to use various size pieces. Here is where even a Sweatpants leg logo can be used..  Blocks are 15″ X ? and have 2″ sashing strips between the blocks.   These quilts are more expensive as they take more materials & are more labor intensive, 

Quilting design choices

If you don’t choose a quilting design, we will do the standard meander, shown below.  Here are some other quilt designs to choose from.  They  look great on t-shirt quilts, they are meant to hold the 3 layers together while keeping the focus on the t-shirts. They add a nice texture to the quilt and keep the batting from shifting around. 

Click here to see the entire gallery

Standard meander design

Here's a T-Shirt Quilt being quilted on our long-arm

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