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We all have a pile of shirts we have sitting around that we don't wear anymore, but can't part with. Why not have them turned into a t-shirt quilt?

You Make the Memories. We Turn them into a Keepsake T-Shirt Quilt!

Block style t-Shirt Quilt
Block Style
Questions & Answers about t shirt quilts
Staggered Style

We take treasured memories of life and design them into a T-Shirt quilt!  There are different styles and options for your T-Shirt quilt.  With so much information to gather, we know all the choices can feel overwhelming.  Be assured, we will help you at every step along the way to a beautiful creative quilt.  Please Contact Us with any questions.

T-Shirt Quilt vs. Blanket

Generally T-Shirt quilts are 3 layers with quilting.   T-shirt blankets are 2 layers without quilting.  A quilt is going to hold up much longer than a blanket, and takes much more time/materials to make.

T-Shirt Quilt

  • T-shirts/backed with interfacing
  • 80/20 Batting
  • Long-arm Quilted
  • Binding around edges
  • 100% cotton Backing

T-Shirt Blanket

  • T-shirts/backed with interfacing
  • Fleece Backing

What Styles T-Shirt Quilting Has to Offer

Block Style

This is what the block style T-shirt quilt layout looks like. It has the 15″ square  blocks with sashing between the blocks and binding.

Block Style

Block Style with Border

Staggered Style

Staggered Style

Staggered with Border Style

Staggered style  is a more unique look from the traditional Block style and doesn’t require all blocks be 15×15″.  Staggered works very well when  you have mixed media on your T-shirts. Large graphics on some, small on others.  It gives more flexibility to use various size pieces. Here is where even a Sweatpants leg logo can be used.

Quilting Design Choices

If you don’t choose a quilting design, we will do the standard meander.  All of these designs look great on t-shirt quilts, they are meant to hold the 3 layers together while keeping the focus on the t-shirts. They add a nice texture to the quilt, and keep the batting from shifting around.

So you're Ready to Get This Started...What To do?

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