How to prep and package for your T-shirt Quilt

tshirt for quilts

Box your T-shirts

Gather your t-shirts, Sort them & box them up & send them to t-shirt quilting. We will turn them into a snuggleable quilt.


Mail your shirts

Send your prepped shirts to us today! Get your place in line!


3 bundles
Shirts separated into 3 bundles.
bundled in bags
Your Bundled Shirts in Bags. Marked Clearly.
Please send us an email with the tracking number
Confirmation –  You will receive an email to acknowledge when we received your T-Shirts.
You can expect completion of your quilt in 5 weeks.
When your T-Shirt quilt is completed, you will receive a picture and a final invoice for the balance remaining.
After we receive your final payment, we ship your quilt with a tracking number & insurance. You will be emailed your tracking number.  If we have questions we will contact you.
If you have any questions at any time, please Contact Us
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