block style
Block Style
T-Shirt quilt bright colors
Staggered Style

T-Shirt Quilt Pricing List

Block Style Pricing

Staggered Style Pricing

*On the staggered style, The size of the logos on the t-shirts will determine how many shirts we can use in the quilt, There is a fair amount of math to determine this. Many small logos mixed with larger logos give a more staggered look. The sizes on the Staggered sized quilts vary.  We try to get them around these sizes, but again, depending on the shirts/logos this is not always possible.  There is more materials/labor in the staggered style so they are priced higher because of this.  If  there are shirts we can’t use we will return these to you.  Please let us know if there’s a shirt that we can take out if we must. On both styles they both include the outer border.  If you don’t want the outer border let us know.

Quilting designs to choose from!

  • Choose a quilting panto design. Or we can select one for you that compliments your quilt. 
  • We supply Kona solid fabric for the sashing & border fabric. If you want to upgrade for something else this can be done for additional cost.  Cost varies depending on which fabrics you choose, needs to be 100% cotton.
  • Backing fabric will be Kona Fabric

We offer two styles of T-Shirt Quilts

Staggered Style

Block Style

Staggered style t shirt quilt
block style

Staggered style  is a more unique look from the traditional Block style and doesn’t require all blocks be 15×15″.  Staggered works very well when  you have mixed media on your T-shirts. Large graphics on some, small on others.  It gives more flexibility to use various size pieces. Here is where even a Sweatpants leg logo can be used.

Block style T-shirt quilt is your classic layout.  It has the 15″ x 15″ square T-shirt blocks divided by 2″ sashing strips. Finished with  an outer border. This style works best when you don’t have as many shirts, or if you like a more symmetric style quilt. Both styles look great, It’s really personal choice and how many shirts you have.

Backing & Sashing Fabric

We supply 100% Kona cotton fabric for the sashing & backing in your choice of color.  If left blank we will choose a color to compliment your t-shirts. If you would like a marbled or tonal fabric instead for the sashing you can choose this as an upgrade at an additional $1 per block.

Your choice of fabrics/colors

100% kona cotton
Kona Cotton your choice of colors
robert kaufman marbled fabric
Marbled/tonal fabric is an upgrade, your choice of colors, $1 extra per block
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