T-Shirt Photo Gallery

Check out our work! When you order from us,  let us know if it’s ok to post a photo of your quilt on our T-Shirt Photo Gallery website or social media! It’s fun to share photos of our work! It gives us a chance to show what we can do.  It gives people ideas of what all can be put in a t-shirt quilt besides tees! If it can be worn, it can usually be used in a quilt. There are a few exceptions- bulky sweaters and embellishments don’t work due to quilting issues. 

Quilting Panto Designs

Here are the quilting panto designs to choose from.  Panto designs are all over designs that are quilted onto the quilt.  They will be quilted with a color to match  your quilt, so they will blend into the quilt, so your T-shirts will be the focal point, The panto designs just add a nice texture to your quilt.  Please write on the order form which design you would like, if you don’t say we will just do a basic meander.  There is no extra charge to get a panto design on your quilt.  We strive to go above and beyond on your quilt. *Please note if you have bulky items on your quilt top, such as sweat shirts or tank tops that are appliqued onto another fabric to make a square block Then the Large Meander Design is the best choice so we can quilt around the bulky parts.  We will work with you on this. Sometimes we don’t know until the quilt top is completed & ready to be quilted if there are bulky areas.   If all your shirts are flat, then some of these other designs work well and it is personal preference. No matter what design you choose, It’s going to look great. It’s about your t-shirts

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