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Q. How do I indicate which side to use?

A.  Place shirts in three bundles.  Mark each bundle with green/blue painters tape marked Fronts, Backs, Both.  Place each Bundle in separate bag. (like example photos below) and place bag into box with printed order form and mail together.

#1 Fronts. Shirts your want only the fronts used.

#2 Backs.  Shirts you want only the backs used.

#3 Fronts & Backs. Shirts you want the fronts and backs both used.

FAQ T-Shirt Quilts Questions

Q. Can I choose specific colors?

A. Yes.  If you prefer a specific color, fill in the color preference on the order form.  If color option is blank we will creatively choose colors that compliment your quilt.

Q. Should I do anything special to the shirts before sending them in?

A. Wash the shirts without fabric softener! Fabric softener interferes with the stabilizing process.

Q. Should I cut the shirts before sending them?

A. No don’t cut them, leave the cutting up to us. 

Q. How much time will it take to get my T-Shirt quilt finished?

A. Turn-around time is generally 5 weeks. Busy Graduation and Christmas seasons may extend turn around time to 6-8 weeks. This starts from the time we email you that we received your order, not when you mailed them.

Q. When & how do I pay for my T-Shirt Quilt?

A. Deposit is required when you submit your order form.  When your T-Shirt Quilt is finished we will send you an invoice via email.  Once we receive the final payment we will ship via USPS with tracking and insurance. We  accept Checks, Cash, PayPal at this time. If paying by check, we will wait to ship your quilt until check clears the bank.

Q. Do you use batting?

A. Yes. We use 80/20 needle punched batting. This is 80% cotton and 20% polyester. It is a very durable batting, and holds up well for repeated washings. 

Q. Do you use interfacing on the T-Shirts?

A.Yes. We always use interfacing. Interfacing is used for stabilizing T-shirt fabrics that tend to stretch out of shape. It adds stabilization to nylon soft jerseys too. Interfacing adds to the cost, but is an important factor if you desire a more durable  quilt. Your quilt will not become misshapen and will be more durable though many washings of the quilt’s life.   *Note not all companies use interfacing. Be sure when researching and comparing pricing, you are comparing apples to apples.  T-shirtquilting.com does not make T-shirt quilts without stabilizing  your fabrics. 

Some items other than T-Shirts that we have used.

These shirts are for example on other items we can use. It made by T-shirt quilting for a friend and were quilted at The Noble Quilter. This quilting pattern is not offered by T-shirt quilting.

  Some items such as tank tops or uniforms may require extra fabric.  There is an additional $15 per block if it requires extra materials. Feel free to contact us, we will be happy to work with you to attain the best design and cost.

If we’ve missed anything in the FAQ and you still have questions feel free to Contact Us.

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